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Leanne Cannon
Author, Speaker, Business Coach
Social Media Marketing Trainer  

 When I got married, my husband and I started a Carpet Cleaning and Janitorial Service from scratch and in the beginning, there were many sleepless nights and anxiety over making this business work Ultimately, we were able to turn it into a 6-figure business and we ran that business together for over 20 years!

I would like to invite you to have a FREE BUSINESS COACHING STRATEGY SESSION with me! . Let's explore the possibilities for growing your business, and bringing in more money quickly.  Be sure to give me a call so we can schedule a "Design Your Future Strategy Session" at a time that is convenient for you. 

Limited spaces available! You can schedule your appointment by calling or texting me at 330-400-9814


  •   Do you sometimes wonder what is holding you back from being as successful as you want to be?
  •   What is your vision for the future?  Do you feel 100% confident that you will reach your goals
  • Have you mapped out the pathway to your dream?
  • Are you experiencing sustained momentum, or is it feast or famine? ... an up and down roller coaster ride?
  • Are there issues that keep you up at night, or that wake you up around 3:00am?

With one FREE CONSULTATION, you will know if we would be a good fit for each other! What if working with me could change everything for your business, and ultimately your life?  Why not FIND OUT?  I invite you to do just that!  Accept my offer, and come away with implementable ideas, strategies and solutions to begin addressing your challenges immediately!

You can schedule your appointment right here! 


Group coaching can save you money and grow your whole team at the same time!

Let's create synergy and momentum with your whole team!  Make sure everyone is on the same page and GROW TOGETHER!  Working with a coach as a team is very affordable because you are splitting the cost. What a BONUS! Think about growing your whole team at the same time!  ASK ME ABOUT GROUP COACHING!

Here are just a few client comments:

Listen to what they say, and then think about engaging with me yourself!
For MORE comments and pictures of these clients, go to my website

   "I am so blessed to have the absolute best coach/mentor ever!! ... Thanks again for all you do. I hope you know that it would not be possible for me to be doing this without you, and I will forever be sincerely grateful. I only hope that one day I can coach someone even half as effectively as you mentor me! Hugs to my kind and most generous (not to mention stylish!) coach!"  Lauren Hauck, Counselor, Teacher, Life Coach

  'Working with Leanne has been a true blessing for both my business and personal growth.  She has encouraged me to take actions steps that have helped me make large strides with my goals and ambitions.  I am truly thankful for her caring and inspiring presence in my life.'  - Dr. Tunis Hunt Jr., DC

  “I'd like to recommend Leanne Cannon to anyone looking for someone to "come along side you" ... Intelligent, insightful, inspiring, and extremely nice to work with, Leanne will always be present for you and have your best interests in mind as she shares her expertise and passion with you." Robin Noud, Sr. Account Executive, PrimePay

"It's worth the money, let me tell you! I accomplished in ONE MONTH working with Leanne, what I couldn't accomplish in four months on my own!" "I'm excited and proud of the work accomplished with you as my coach! (:"  Barbara Trulby, Virtual Assistant

"Leanne, you have given me a sense of self-awareness and self-confidence at a level I've never experience before in my life.  I just want you to know that."  Thank you!" Martha T. Insurance Account Executive

"I am still pinching myself every time I think: "I have an inspiring, smart, and generous coach/mentor.  I feel so blessed and grateful that Leanne Cannon is my 'accountability partner!!'' :-)   I could not ask for a better person to advise me and encourage me on my way to achieve my "unlimited" dreams!"
L. Hauck, Teacher
Limited spaces available! Schedule your appointment RIGHT HERE! 


I would love the opportunity to speak with you about your business and see if there is a way we can work together.  Below is a detailed description of the roles I would fill as your Business Coach. "We find solutions and celebrate together!"


 When you are accountable only to yourself, it is much easier to put things off, even with sincerely good intentions to follow through.  Procrastination is a universal challenge, yet when you are accountable to your Coach – things get done!  When I’m working with you, we will map out a strategy for each week. We will review what has been done and celebrate successes together. Most Entrepreneurs don't really take the time to acknowledge their progress; they are too busy focusing on what's next or what they did not get done. Yet paying attention to every benchmark success is KEY to long-term success!  If something was not completed, we simply explore what stopped the progression and discuss what it will take to make things happen.  Either way we build on accomplishments week by week.  This keeps momentum rolling f-o-r-w-a-r-d which keeps you from feeling “stuck” or frustrated or wondering what to do next.


I also help keep my clients on a high level of believing in themselves and what is possible for them.  At times, you may feel discouraged and even wonder if you are doing the right thing. With me by your side in business, my unwavering belief in you and continually reminding you of your own value and the value of the service you are providing will help to keep your self-esteem strong and will allow you to foster unshakable self-confidence.  When you really recognize your own value and have supreme confidence in yourself and the benefit you bring to the marketplace, it causes you to act more boldly and do things you would not ordinarily do.  This causes you to get results you would not otherwise get! When you do extraordinary things, you get extraordinary results!


As a marketing coach, I help you come up with marketing strategies to get the word out about your business/services, both online and off line.  I hold social media marketing seminars, and the information I share at my seminars is readily available to you as a client.  Are you using Social Media Marketing right now?  Do you feel like you're using it effectively? I can show you strategies that can make all the difference; which can directly impact your bottom line.  When you are able to engage more people, you will get more clients.  When you get more clients, you make more money.  This creates a wonderful ripple affect! Let's not forget off line marketing!  There is still something to be said for the personal touch; whether it's connecting one-on-one, sending personal postcards, holding interactive teleseminars, etc. there are many cost-effective ways to get the word out to increase your exposure and get more business.  I can help you do that! 


 And finally, similar to the coach of a basketball or football team, I am on the sidelines, observing what is going on in your business from a totally different vantage point and can see things you just cannot see. You'll notice that the coach of any team is never IN the game, but always on the sidelines! That's because it’s impossible to see from inside and outside the game at the same time. It’s like trying to look up and look down at the same time ... can’t be done! So when the coach pulls the players over to the side lines to map out a strategy, it is based, not only on what the players are doing from within the game, but also based on what the coach can see from his/her vantage point. The goal is to WIN! The same is true in business!   

Consider how having me walk alongside you as your coach and confidant could add m-o-m-e-n-t-u-m to your progress and positively impact your business, your bottom line and your life!  When you hire me as your coach, you are putting your money where your BUSINESS is.  You are investing in your DREAM and ensuring a faster path to SUCCESS!
 If you are:
  1. ·    An entrepreneur, small business owner or sales professional with a definite    goal/vision/dream or would like to develop one ...
  2. ·    Self-motivated and have a positive attitude ...
  3. ·    Coachable and willing to take responsibility for your progress ...
  4. ·    Action-oriented and will implement strategies ...
  5. ·     Willing to invest in your business and your future ...
  6.    Understand what the Return on your Investment (R.O.I.) can mean for you..
  7. ·    If you recognize the value of having a coach by your side ... then
Call or text me at 330-400-9814

To your success,


Leanne Cannon
Author, Speaker, Business Coach
Social Media Marketing Trainer 

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